How Office Kitchen Design has Changed Over the Last Century

How Office Kitchen Design has Changed Over the Last Century

The Re-imagined and elevated office Kitchen Design

September 2022

An office kitchen is no longer thought of as a place that is hidden behind a door in a corner and only used as a place where you make a cup of coffee and /or warm up your lunch. With buzzwords like “New Ways of Working” and “Collaboration” being used when it comes to office design – the way that kitchens are designed has inspired these spaces to be seen as open, multi-purpose spaces that can be used as alternate work areas, as well as meeting rooms or even town halls. It is therefore important for Commercial Designers to research and understand the client’s needs and business culture and answer this by creating a unique office kitchen design that caters for all their needs and is supported by the right technology to enable people to work from anywhere and ensure access to good coffee. The use of bespoke furniture can enhance and elevate the look and feel. Using various types of furniture gives staff options depending on whether they need to do focus work or work in a group setting. 


Introducing innovative, creative ways of using the traditional office kitchen – allows staff the freedom to be innovative and to perform their jobs optimally. Taking advantage of every inch of space in the space planning phase and choosing the right type of furniture used – can also mean taking less office space for your overall requirements. An experienced Design Company like Iron Design and Build will assist to plan a professional yet transparent space also indicates that the business owners are approachable and progressive. Even a beautifully designed office kitchen can be uncomfortable if it is not properly ventilated to get rid of food smells. The type of materials used need to be easy to clean and of commercial grade. Let’s take a look at some of the elevated designs and approach to an office kitchen design in different spaces. These areas are uniquely designed to suit the client’s needs, however they all still perform the key support functions. 



Modern Kitchen

This is a modern take on an office kitchen design that has a seating area that can be used to work at or for big office meetings.





Light Industrial Kitchen

A kitchen with a home feel to add a comfortable yet practical space for an office kitchen design. It offers options for seating areas whilst still providing a comfortable feel. 





Contemporary Kitchen

Clean kitchen with an industrial feel – exposed ceilings, lights and natural elements to create this amazing multi-functional space. 




Homely Kitchen

A compact yet modern kitchen design with glass walls around it to give the space a feel of comfort and openness.



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